Basic course: Enhanced PM 1 - the S³ principle
S³  - simple, smart, sensational!
hundreds of slides of powerpoint, endless schedules and whole day meetings - project management at his best? No, there is another, a better way - for you and your project.
S³ - simple, smart, sensational! is what we teach at We will show you to have all information in a dashboard up to date all the time and presentable ready. We show you the tools and the method how to figure out the key points of success for your project, to define and track them.

smart and simply sensational! for your team, your partners and clients will be the way you will manage your project - with our method and tools.

Join our base webinar and our learning groups and make your project S³ now!
Our base webinar will teach you
- how to make a project target map which identifies, shows and helps you to track your real project targets, which are sometimes differnet than you think and which make the difference!
- how to make efficiently all necessary base PM work such as schedule, costs and quality management - in a way which is way more simplier and easier as you know yet and gives you and your team the results for success!
- how to identify and summarize the key success factors for the project, how to present them in a simplified one page dash board and how to inspire with this enhanced PM method your team, your partners and clients!
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