Expert course: Proffessional project lead - what really matters
Proffessional project lead - what really matters
You are the project lead - you work 24/7 for your project - more than all the others. Its for "your" project and your success, but does it have to be that it look to you that the only one who is working its you?

Personal Workload - and for sure not 24/7 and success of a project are not in any relation. You don't believe it? We will proof it to you.

Just think about it: how can a project decision become an objective and good decision when you are doing it all - you are the project lead, so act as a lead.

Our Expert course will show you ways how to lead projects in an efficient, charismatic and inspirng way. It will help you to understand your role in the project and what is important, what really matters to make your project a success and not doing everybodys job yourself.
Our expert webinar will teach you
- the PL role in various project circumstances
- how to set up the base PL-MAP for your project and personal success
- how to set up your project success organisation
- how to become the center of communication without being the one who is doing it all
- how to stage impact influence and build escalation levels for inner and outer project conflicts
- how to inspire your project team
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